My first diorama. An old barn with a wrecked Porsche 356. The building was made of carton. Then I put in the door, which you can open and close, and a dirty window. Behind the window is a picture of a beautiful landscape. I painted an oil-speck on the floor, where the engine is located now. After that, I installed two hooks for the convertible roof. The backmost edge is full with damaged car parts like tires or seats. The bumpers found their place in front of the car. Old Porsche posters were made and put on the walls, so the garage looks better. The whole building is very manky; I used black color and a toothbrush for that. The model: It was a Bburago Porsche 356 convertible in darkblue. But I didnít like it so I decided to damage it ďa little bitĒ.

The body: I carved the whole model and laid the body one winter in the snow but nothing happened. So I had to make the grate myself. I clawed many spots and sanded the paint. I mixed sand and a brown/red color and used it as grate. Other parts were also damaged and broken. The hood is very twisted. Parts of the rear grill are missing or have wholes. Finally I sanded the body and put water on it. After drying the paint looks very old and matt. I painted the right door black so it looks like a spare-part and wrote: For sale 10.000$ on it.

The interior: The whole interior was grey and beige, so I decided to paint everything darkbrown. The seats look also very old because I used the packaging from the German candy ďRiesenĒ. It looks like old leather. I broke the rear seats and put them in (in wrong positions). The dashboard looks also very old because I removed some parts which are missing now. The whole interior is also full with wrecked car parts.

The wheels: I removed the front wheel and putt he car on little logs. The wheel lays on the right wall. All four hubcaps were removed or painted in matt-black. The rear tire is flat and the spare-tire lays in the edge.

Engine and chassis: Although you canít see the chasis, I also wrecked it with grate. The engine is also not original. I painted some parts and from other parts I removed the chrome, because that looked to good. I painted these parts in grey.

Features: I also made some little details which make the diorama look better. The besom is made from wood and a black tissue. I put the license plate on the fender. A toothpick keeps the hood open. One frontlight was removed and dosh was put in the whole. The windscreen is totally damaged. I scratched it and cut a piece out. The garage looks very messy because I out car parts all over the floor.

Other things: The whole building was covered with spider yarn. The yarn is so fine that you canít see it normally, so I litteres swarf over them.