Everything started with my whish of a Slottrck in scale 1/32 for a couple of years. And on christmas I got a brand new Carrera Evolution track and assembled it on the same day a started racing. The disappointment was but; there was no fun to drive it. So I decided my to sell the track. After that I started to inform myself about dirrderent producers of tracks and I found a dealer in Germany where I could drive on a Ninco track.
So I bought the Ninco GT set (Number 20105) and since then I'm happy with it:

Since then we have a Ninco 1/32 track and now one round is about 17mtr; but at the beginning it was definitely smaller and it was assembled on the floor. Time by time we bought more and more track and assembled it to a big track which fills in the complete room now.
But one day we decided so build a platform on which the track should be; so you can drive while you are standing:

Before that we had to find out the perfect layout which wastn't as easy as I thought. But after tons of different layouts we find the one:

Information about the building of the track and the system can you find on the homepage of my father:
Le Mans 1970, what else?
I want to concentrate myself on the finished track and show some pics of the track and all the small details on it.
As I already said has the track a length of 17mtr and the platform size is 3mtr long and 3,5mtr wide.
So there was enough place to add some details on the track which I want so show you now in one lap:

You start on the homestretch. On the right side are the pits with a helicopter airfield, a race taxe and a little "Porsche museum":

Also on the long straight is the Red-Bull arc and beside that the entry for the servicetrucks:

The first corner is called the Red-Bull corner where many cars and bikes in the famous energy-drink livery stand:

On the other side are some ladys&gentlemen who like watching the race a bit more dapper. There stand old cars and bikes as well:

After that follows a short part with a straight and direcly hereupon you drive to the "forrest-inn" which gives the second corner it's name; the forrestcorner. Here are some people who drink a beer or two and a Subaru WRC which had a meeting with a tree (but the driver is not injured; he's drinking a beer on his shock):

On the other side is the parking lot for visitors. There are many bikes, cars and other vehicles as well as a Ford Mustang which had to give the race up before it started. There is also a band which makes some music before the race:

After the forrestcorner the cars have to drive upside to the famous "Sachskurve". There I built the same sign from ZF-Sachs which you also can see in Hockenheim, Germany. Some Americans make a meeting with their choppers and road-cruiser:

But the mood on the other side isn't as well because the driver of the Gulf-Lotus had to give up his race in leading position:

The flag-man shows it; green flag so the race continues and the cars are heading to the Michelincorner. There stands the well known Michelin-Bibendum and watches the race:

The drivers can relax a little bit on a straight which skirts on the little tribune:

The fastest part of the whole track. Downhill into the tunnel:

From the fastest part to the slowest one; the Shell-edge:

Here you need much power to drive uphill to the Mercedes-tribune and the little bridge:

But you don't stay very long on that bridge because you drive onto the last corner:

The final part of the track; again the long straight and the pits, where everyone has a lot to do; even in the night:

So that was one lap on our little circuit. Hope you enjoyed it a come to the next race...